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Today entire world is moving towards customer service model of brand and business building. Companies go to any length to ensure that their customers are attached to them even after the sale is completed. O-Locker subscription is an ideal solution for jewellery retail business because:
  • Insurance for jewellery is unique feature and part of O-Locker subscription
  • For the jewellery bought from your store only you can provide this insurance benefit.
  • O-Locker subscription comes with many unique benefits for you and your customers
  • You gain from word of mouth publicity and gives you highest Return on your spends
  • You give a unique benefit unlike all others who are still stuck at discount on making etc.
  • Subscription renewal every year gives you a chance to stay in touch with your clients
  • You can use O-Locker dashboard as your de-facto Customer Relation Management tool also

O-Locker subscription empowers your clients in following ways:

  • Insurance for his jewellery for a period of 365 days
  • Full fledged digital repository to digitize his jewellery assets
  • He can track current value of his jewellery portfolio
  • Create will tool- allows him to list out all assets/liabilities and effective succession planning
  • Document locker tool- allows him to digitize and keep handy all important documents
  • O-Locker will soon introduce reward/deals plan for all O-Locker subscribers

O-Locker empowers you in following ways:

  • It is by far only available option which can be termed as after sale service for jewellery buyer
  • O-Locker team handles all issues relating to claims etc. leaving you worry free
  • With O-Locker you automatically gets a customer relationship management in form of client contact and purchase data
  • O-Locker is soon going to launch its mobile app which will strengthen your bond with your clients by :
    • Enabling your digital presence allowing you to showcase your designs and offers
    • Allowing you to offer loyalty and rewards program through O-Locker partners
NO, with O-Locker it's not a gimmick. O-Locker’s professional handling of the claims has ensured that a huge number of claims have been settled and paid out. The certificate of insurance completely narrates what all risks are covered and what are not. The claims coming from covered risks have been settled with a very high success ratio so far.
The claim passing usually takes time between 30-60 days. There have been cases where the insurance co had genuine doubts and those cases were settled after through investigation, and those cases have taken longer. At the same time there have been cases which were settled within 2-3 weeks time also.
The claims as and when they happen, are handled professionally by O-Locker team and we are proud of the fact that our track record has been very good. However, there are clearly the cases where insurance cover is not valid and those cases will be invariably rejected. We not only communicate these clauses in policy but also communicate through whatsapp and other mediums to the clients.
As a retailer you are clearly offering your clients a third party product and that is why you need to communicate that claim passing is not in your domain. We will help you with suitable declaration which you can make in your invoices and display for clients understanding.
Yes. You definitely can, you just need to take care of charging him 18% GST instead of 3% which your charge for jewellery. Most of our retail partners though offer the O-Locker subscription complementary with jewellery and advertise the same as a value added service. See some samples here ( link for retailers advertising)


We have developed full fledged application for the enquiry and application for unsecured personal loans. These loans are disbursed to your eligible clients by our affiliated financial partners.
The entire process works in following 3 steps:
  • Your client (borrower) fills in details into our application like his PAN No, Address, Salary & existing EMIs, details about his other loans and his employment.
  • Based upon the data so submitted, O-Locker displays his eligibility and likely EMI amounts
  • If he finds EMIs affordable he has to submit the documents online.

The applicant needs to upload the following documents on our application:

  • Pan Card
  • Aadhar card
  • Salary slip of 3 months
  • Bank statement ( downloaded from NETBANKING) for 6 months
  • Address proof (like electricity bill etc.)
  • Rent agreement (in case of rented accommodation)
Our partners endeavor to complete the background and credit verification within 1 working day of the application. Disbursement typically happens within 24 hours of your client signing the agreement. Overall process takes between 24-48 Hours.
The loans are unsecured personal loans and therefore attracts slightly higher rates. The rates also vary depending upon the credit profile, salary levels, residential location and employment type. The rates are typically between 7.50%- 12% on flat basis and 13.50%-19.50% on reducing basis.

Following are additional charges:

  • 2-2.5% processing charges (deducted from disbursed amount)
  • Insurance charges (deducted from disbursed amount)
Our partners lend for a period of 3 months till 60 months.
Our partners shall lend between Rs. 20000 to Rs. 600000.
This facility is available only for salaried people. There are also certain criteria for minimum salary levels for him to be eligible for loan from our partners.
No. Our application reverts back likely amounts of eligibility and EMIs. The actual eligible amount may differ based upon credit analysis of the applicant. Sometimes the clients may not be found eligible at all due to poor CIBIL record, poor credit history and poor reputation.
We are providing these facilities at selected places as of now. You can check the attached link to find which all locations we are available. ( LINK HERE)

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