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Get closer than ever to your customer. So close that you tell them what they need Well before they realise it themselves.

-Steve Jobs, Legendary founder of APPLE INC.

jewellery insurance for retailers

Jewellery insurance for retailers

O-locker introduces for the first ever time the concept of services in jewellery retail business. Win your customer over with unique solutions from O-locker.

Insurance is one such service. While it was easy to insure a mobile phone, when it came to precious jewellery, there was no such option available. Your clients bought the jewellery but were forced to use artificial jewellery for the fear of it getting stolen.

O-locker subscription provides that critical link to complete the purchase experience of your client.

More than 100 claims settled.

Retail partners successfully replaced their ad hoc discounts with o-locker subscription

Continues patronage from retail fraternity many leading large, medium and small retailers.


Show them that you care. Tell them that your relation ship with them is not over with the sale.Get in touch with us today to understand more and hear from our experts how to make O-locker work for you. Read FAQ section to know more about the nitty gritty involved.

What's more, good things come in a package. An o-locker subscription bring a lot of additional unique benefits to your clients:

O-locker digital repository

a unique tool which helps them digitize their jewellery assets

Create will feature-

revolutionary service which helps them plan their assets and succession in a convenient fashion

Document locker-

an excellent utility for keeping all important documents of any nature accessible and handy.

Complete claim assistance-

ensuring peace of mind for both you and your clients.

A lot of upcoming features which will keep enriching your customers lives

Acquire, retain, upsell & grow using O-locker's EASY EMI PLATFORM:

Give your customer the freedom to make that big purchase. Add customers who earlier were unable to afford purchase or simply benefit from the potential of upselling.

Enroll yourself on O-LOCKER EASY EMI PLATFORM.O-locker facilitates retailers to offer EMI facility to their client at attractive rate of interest via its strong partnership with leading banks, NBFCs and Fintech companies.O-locker prides itself in providing quick turn around time for approval, processing and disbursement. O-locker has been a real assets for retailers with its completely digitized process, ease of use & features like pre-approved EMI facilities.

Refer to FAQs for more details and get in touch with us today. We would be delighted to see our platform work for you.

jewellery insurance b2b

Upcoming initiatives:

O-locker is founded on the premise of empowerment of businesses through technology. With its soon to launch tools, O-locker will ensure that retailers are brought up the curve and benefit from technological advances which other industries have been reaping benefits of. Stay tuned for updates.



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